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Are you looking for a content to your blog site or an ebook whatever?.This days, i see a lot of site owners whose main purpose is to have a Search Engine Optimized(SEO) blog for affiliate marketing and the next thing that comes to their mind is PLR Articles as a source of content. Before you opt for PLR Article as a source of content to your website, read the page down and decide if PLR article is right choice for you or not.

What is PLR Articles

PLR is private label rights. PLR Articles is a new practice in content building. It is a growing trend and a lot of online marketers now a days don’t understand the concept of this kind of content nor its workings.

Let’s try and understand the meaning of PLR how it works the advantages and disadvantages then conclude if it’s worth using or not so let’s get to the fundamentals.

Meaning of PLR Articles and How it Works

 PLR content is one that gives you the right of ownership to a content you did not write. You have the right to modify and make adjustments to the article as you deem fit, you can even claim ownership of the article by writing your name underneath the article as the author in actual fact.

There are varying limitations to PLR rights depending on where you buy from but the purpose is always the same. It’s like a customized good from a generic manufacturers bearing the name of the store where it’s been sold even though the superstore did not produce the goods. They are granted the right to put their name on it even though this same products is being sold everywhere and you find different names and brands on it.

This is what PLR content is all about, same articles with different modifications and different names on it. Now that we have a better understanding of the meaning of PLR Articles let us look at it pros and cons.

Advantages of PRL Articles  

1.It is a time Saver – Whether it’s your blog or website promotions or websites you need contents you need to turn out new content for your website every day to keep it fresh and make people come back and writing of good articles takes time and more often than not there is actually no time because there are some other things you have to do.

2.Money Saver – Another advantage is that it saves you money writing a good article because writing a good article does not come cheap and considering the number of articles you need to write to keep up your page fresh it can cost a bit. It is cheaper to use PLR articles an average of 300 to 600 words articles goes for in dollars 8 dollars per article while you can get a 50 Cent the implication of this is that you are running your blog or website at a cost ten times cheaper than it should have been and this means a higher profit margin for you.

3.You can get several benefits from a single purchase of PLR articles – Buying a bunch of PLR article has several things that you can do with it at the same time first you can put up a fresh content everyday this keeps your blog or website fresh and will likely draw more traffic to its.

This may not be possible if you are paying a writer this same article that you have used to freshen your page can be broken up into bits and be used as daily tips on your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter for example the content that you use in a day can be used for 7 days on your social media page therefore using one article to serve two purposes.

If the popular articles both are of similar topics of keywords it can be carefully organized into chapters and turned into an e-book for sale or free download on your page to attract traffic and build a mailing list. Finally, this article can serve as a source of inspiration to write original articles and will have a resale rights. You can properly edit the articles giving it an original tea and sell to make money from these articles bought.

Disadvantages of PLR Articles

Quality of articles– One of the strongest arguments against the use of PLR articles is based on the notion that the quality of the PLR articles are of lower standards several people are of the opinion that it is junk and that is why it is so cheap as no good article will go for the prices it is being sold.

Like I said earlier, some of the PLR articles are ten times cheaper than getting someone to write an article for you and some you can even get for free online while I  believe that it will be foolhardy to use free PLR articles for your blog I am against this notion it is noteworthy to note that the price is low because the minimum number of people that PLR article can be sold to.

This is one simple reason the author is selling for such a low price. For example, if an article is sold to 200 people at 50 cents it comes to $50 it is almost impossible to sell a 600-word article to someone for $60 but selling to 200 people at a lower price, the author is able to achieve this.

Based on this, we can see that this assumption is not necessarily correct through diligent research. I’ve discovered some PLR article sites that have very decent articles and are being used by blogs and sites with over 4000 subscribers.

Originality –  Here, i am actually talking about the uniqueness of a content, I’m talking about having articles that has not been read anywhere else on the web. This is a very valid points against the use of PLR contents because since you are not the only person the article is being sold to, it is right to assume that the content will be found on some other pages on the internet in a world where playground resume is seen as an offence.

PLR content looks more like trying to make play Garrison legit and this is the argument being used by those against the PLR content. The truth is that there is actually no argument against this disadvantage because the PLR content cannot be sold to only one person. The Only Way Out of This is spinning the article to give it a kind of uniqueness especially if you want to use it in your Affiliate Marketing blog where ranking the site on google search is the major source of traffic . You definitely need to re-create the content using spinning software.

Looking at the pros and cons objectively, it is it is safe to say that is not a straight yes or no with regards to using the PLL contents the peculiarity of the situation is more of a determining factor than any other thing for example someone who doesn’t speak English but wants to run a plug-in English language or someone who doesn’t make enough money yet but wants to keep his pet fresh might have no other option but to use the PLR content but for some others who have very vibrant blogs may not be compelled to use the PLR.

Whichever way and whatever school of thoughts that you belong to one thing is clear PLR content saves time and it is way cheaper than getting a writer to write your articles

Final Thought

Personally, the way I will use PLR Article will be very different from the way others use it. I will never use PLR article for SEO Optimized Blog, it can’t get Rank on Google search. It pays to use PLR on a Blog targeted %100 for other traffic source and not Keyword and SEO techniques whatever. Integrate relevant Affiliate link where necessary in your blog site. Promote using all kinds other traffic source you want e.g building list, paid ads, forums, social media, Video marketing etc. It’s make a whole lots of sense promoting your blog this way and forget about ranking on google.

Tips on How You Can Effectively Make use of PLR Articles

  1. If you plan for SEO purpose, you have to make sure you don’t just copy and paste in your blog. As you already know, you didn’t write the content, someone else did. So you wanna make sure you Edith its words or phrases to your satisfaction and put the readers into consideration.
  2. You want to make sure you read the content- Don’t Judge the content base on topic alone. Read every info in it to be sure it’s the information you want before selling or giving it out to people. Reading through the content is not time consuming compared to if you were writing fresh.
  3. Go after familiar Content- Use content you are familiar with than going after random topic or niche. Because you are familiar in a particular topic, you stand a good chance of Editing the content to your taste and provide quality to users.