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Yes right now, i will be listing out 11 most profitable passive income ideas you can choose which is comfortable for you to start making money . But before that if you really want something quick and easy to do. Talking about getting paid for doing what you normally do for free but this time you do it and get paid.

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Almost all of us dream that in our lives we can come to a place where we can be making money even when we are sleeping, waking up to an influx of money into our bank account is something we’d all love to experience.

No matter how crazy this might sound it’s very possible because this is what passive income does to you. It’s an unending income stream where there’s a possibility of you making money every day.  …..every minute I mean.

Most times when you see a count up of the richest men list, there is a breakdown of how much they earn per minute or hour. This is made possible because of the passive income they earn.

It doesn’t matter you’re trying to save money for your dream vacation or house or whether you’re striving to attain financial independence passive income will always come in to play. Before we go into passive income ideas that can generate money for you there is a need to understand what passive is.

Passive income are monies earned through enterprise that one is not actively involved in. If your desire is creating a stream of passive income, then fasten your seat belt and pay close attention as we go through some great passive income ideas that can help you grow your income and fulfill your dream of attaining financial freedom. enjoy the ride! 

11 Passive Income Ideas

1.START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL-There are several ways from making money on youtube but it centers around making youtube videos.

From making a comedy skit, to giving valuable information about great online money making ideas, to reviewing hot selling hot selling product, the idea is to produce videos that can net you thousands of views and earn you passive income on YouTube through the build in as revenue.

This sound simple but not always, just as every other website, you need to get your youtube rank on google search on the video section and rank also on youtube on a searched keyword. To achieve this, you need to visit Video Maketing Blaster . 3 click Are All You’ll Need To
rank On Google and YouTube.

Built in ad revenue is a reward system from YouTube for videos with high viewer count, so imagine that u have 15 videos making money for you on Youtube? The videos have to be of good quality though, and must contain very beneficial information that people are willing to listen to. 

2.PEER TO PEER LENDING –  You can borrow money to individuals via peer-to-peer lending sites like zidisha and lending Club. Zidisha is a good example or borrowing money 2 peer-to-peer platform because its interest rates is 12% on a 6 weeks loan so in 3 months you can get a 24% interest on 

 In this business, it can be said that the risk is high also because you have to be careful of who you loan your money to.  Before you loan money, it is advisable to browse through the loan request carefully and look for people with a good history of loan repayment.

3. CREATE ONLINE COURSES – Over the past few years the increase in online courses has been astronomical, you can teach about the things you love and have a good sound knowledge of.

The catch here is that you are not the only person that loves what you love so if your course is rich with valuable information it will attract people. You will need a website to offer those courses and will also need to provide valuable free content to attract people to your site.

 Once you have a good traffic on your site affiliate products and banner advertisers will become another source of passive income for you

4.PERFORM SIMPLE ONLINE TASKS– With companies like em Talk on Amazon you can complete simple online tasks that will give you passive income you can also complete online surveys and earn as much as $20 a day here are a few of the top survey sites but I personally prefer Takesurveysforcash. Alot of testimonies and people getting tons of reward and Cheques .Tonsof surveys added daily.

1. survey Junkie 

2 Takesurveysforcash

3.inbox dollars


5. my points 

6. vindale research

5.BUILDING AN AFFILIATE MARKET NICHE WEBSITE– This type of website is built specifically for a topic which is usually a keyword the aim is that through posting of high-quality content the websites will become an authority on the topic in which he speaks it speaks it is advisable to target a keyword with a high search volume you earn money every time someone clicks on the advert links in your site.

To really go into affiliate marketing, First, you need to learn more about affiliate marketing in deep and learn all you need to succeed. They usually pay over a 30-day. Depending on which program you joined, some paid to your paypal, via bank transfer and even Cheque.

After you are familiar with the concept, time to join the top affiliate marketing platform where all the resources to succeed are made available. Here the best and well known with hundreds of success stories: Wealthy affiliate, Clickbank university and John Crestani (6 figures free Training Class)


publishing a book on Amazon is very easy and it requires no investment you can make thousands of Dollars in author royalties if you are committed to it just write a good eBook about a hot Topic and self-publish on Amazon and boom! 


This passive income idea is right up the ladder with the best of them for the following reasons it is a tangible asset which can be turned to money anytime. It doesn’t lose its value overnight like the stocks and it constantly brings in an income.

While the idea is a great source of income there is the probability of having tenants who do not pay their rent on time and used house in the way that it depreciates in value. This idea is still one of the best ways of making passive income


This is one of the easier ways of making passive income and it is about listening to audio files and putting it into writing it is a flexible way to earn passive income and it is not time demanding this type of income is usually charged per audio hour


Blogging is one of the things you can make a side Hustle whatever the topic is, several people share your Enthusiasm and optimism about the same thing and are willing to know more gossip entertainment news and sports are a few of the areas where people are making tons of money every month once your blog is popular you will make loads of money from adverts affiliate programs and Google ads


There are several websites where you can watch videos and get paid here are a few of the websites 1 superpay.me

  • addmefast.com 
  • utest.com
  • userzoom.com


Just exactly what the tittle above says is what you will get from these apps. Don’t expect to make millions over time, no online system will make you rich overnight but with consistent work and effort, it worth trying, it just a way of adding some extra buck to your earning .Some of these App offers simple job task than others. It worth trying them out as long as the eligibility status does not affect you.

i. iPoll

With this Application, you just need to complete 10 to 20 minute surveys. When you download the App,the app will match you to the right future surveys base on the information you provided during the registration. Some surveys you completed pay $1 while some pays higher than that, if you need more earning keep completing the surveys available for you. You can claim you money after it reaches $35.

ii. Swagbucks

This App allow you to earn accumulated point which you can use it to redeem gift card from major stores like Target, Aamzon and Walmart or for Paypal cash.Swagbuck has paid out large amount of rewards. You can earn this point by simply doing thing like, Completing surveys, Watching Videos, Shopping using the App, referring friends and entering fun Contest through Social Media.

iii. Slidejoy

Just allow this App to display advertisement on your android device and you get paid between $5 to $15. This is based on CNET Report. The earning is not really much as you would expect because it simplest way to earning without stress. Whenever you turn on your phone, you will card advert with news, you can slide left to learn more about it, slide up to see another card or slide right to use your phone as normal

iv. Pact

This App help you earn just by simply achieving your fitness and health goal. You have to set up a goal you want to achieve on your health exercise. After downloading the app on your phone, you can earn around 30 cent to $5 per week for achieving your goal result but this is as a result of the numbers of completed activities. Don’t think that your activity will not be verified, with GPS Coordinate, your activity is verified and if for any reason you fail to complete your activity, you will have to pay up.

v. BookScouter

You have an old book you don’t use it anymore? You can make money with it just by selling it. Download this app register with your email .Scan and enter the barcode number to compare price from website that deal on buyback books. Select your preferred buy and ship your book. Be sure you are eligible to participate.


Apptrailers app allow you to watch trailers of new app on your android phones and you get paid for it.You start to earn at point 500 which is equivalent to 50 cent .You can redeem it with gift cards or claim the cash via amazon as per Dailybucks.info.You can also upload videos and get like and earn money doing just that.


What is your favorite brand? Do you like taking pictures? You can make money taking picture and sharing other content on social media and you get paid for doing that .Their payout start at $10 which you can withdraw through paypals.There is a report that over $100,000 have been earn through this App.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post about the passive income ideas.

If you don’t want to mess things around or delay yourself the in race to making money online, you have to join a good training program where every tools and resources are made available for you. I recommend you joined Click Bank University, wealthy affiliate and John Crestani (free training Program) .