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People Often asked this question What is Affiliate Marketing? Have you ever thought about making money while sleeping? You might be laughing or doubt my mental condition, but the fact is that you can make money while sleeping too. This possible through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also a skill-based methodology to make money online. Anyone can learn it, and it does not require any kind of formal education like other skills. You can earn or make money anytime, and that is the basic concept behind affiliate marketing.

In this digital marketing world, Affiliate marketing is a common approach to generate significant sales and online revenue. It is extremely beneficial for both parties (original brands and affiliate marketers); both are getting benefits by using this marketing technique. If you don’t know about Affiliate marketing and how does it work, then pay attention to the rest of the article to enhance your knowledge.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For easy understanding, you can say that Affiliate Marketing means promoting and referring to someone else business, brand, or products. As a result of this promotion, an affiliate marketer receives a commission for marketing. The affiliate marketers simply search for products and brands they enjoy or like the most, then they promote these brand products and earns some profit from each sale they make. You can track these sales are via affiliate links from one website to another.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work and Earn Money?

 The affiliate marketing works in a very simple manner by dividing marketing and sales responsibilities to different parties. It manages to support the abilities of a large folk for a more effective marketing strategy and providing contributors with some share of the profit as a reward. Let make it more understandable by peeping into the link between the contributors and brand owner. There are three different parties one is seller or brand owner second one w is an affiliate marketer, and the third one is consumer or customer

Seller/ Brand Owner and Product Creator

The seller can be a solo entrepreneur, product creator or the owner of a large enterprise retailer with a product to market. Can sell any, of products like household items, jewelry cloth, pet foods, or even services, like makeup tutorials, baking, cooking software installation, etc. some time, retailer or sellers don’t actively involve in the marketing, but they utilize affiliate marketers to generate sales. Most seller could be a newbie who wants to expose his product to a more and new audience with the help of affiliate websites.

The Affiliate Marketer

These affiliates can be an individual or company who is providing affiliate marketing services. Their sole purpose is to advertise the seller’s brand or product in a positive way to attract the customer. They advertise the product to consumers by telling them how beneficial this product is for them or how they can change their lives by using this product? In simple words, they just want to convince the customer to buy that product, and if the customer does so, the affiliate programs or websites receive a portion from profit.

Affiliates marketers mostly have a specific audience, which is also related to that product directly or indirectly. Sometimes affiliates also belong to a specific niche that helps them to attract consumers.

These affiliates could be bloggers and other digital marketing professionals who have websites or run marketing campaigns to sell the product of the brand owner.

The Customers or Target Audience

Customers, buyer, or target audiences are those who will purchase the product as a result of affiliate marketing, and in return, affiliate partners will get some reward or commission on every sale. This reward or commission varies from product to product and brand to brand. Sometimes customers know that they are redirecting towards a purchase due to affiliate link. In some cases, customers are entirely unaware of the affiliate marketing set-up behind their buying of a particular product.

Benefits of Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

As a blogger, having understood the question: What is Affiliate Marketing? Now is time to dive into the benefit of affiliate programs for blogging. Many bloggers pay more attention to affiliate programs due to various reasons, and some are listed below

  • Easy to Handle

Many bloggers find affiliate marketing easy and less time consuming as they are provided with enough material form the brand owners. Sometimes they are also provided by the banners and ads too. They just have to put this content on their web site and other marketing channels.

  • Negligible Financial Risk 

 Usually, there is no finical risk with affiliate marketing.  Frankly speaking, most of the bloggers or affiliates don’t have to spend a single penny in the merchant’s business. With little effort, you can earn money without spending a single penny.

  • Additional Source of Income

affiliate marketing is getting new heights of popularity nowadays. Many individuals, like students, housewives, and many people are considering it as a source of money. Anyone can join affiliate marketing, and if you also have some spare time, then you can slow promote online services and products and get your commission on every sale. Another good thing is that any blogger can work with several affiliate marketing programs as there is no restriction to stick one affiliate program. In this way, these affiliate markets can generate multiple streams of income.

  • No Technicalities and Easy to Join

Joining affiliate marketing is very easy. Numerous big names like Google, apple read lost running their affiliate marketing programmers. One more good thing is that you don’t need to be a marketing graduate, SEO expert, or proficient in affiliate marketing. You just have to link up with some affiliate program or own a blog where you can promote the products.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

Undoubtedly affiliate marketing is the Hassel free way of making money for those who are willing to do something. The question is how an affiliate marketer earns money by promoting the product of someone else. How can an affiliate marketer get his share after connecting the real seller and buyer? These questions can have some possible answers, which are mentioned below.

The share of the affiliate marketer depends upon the program and the affiliate’s contribution to the seller’s sales.

The affiliate marketer can get share by some of the following ways.

  1. Pay Per Sale, Aka PPS

This is the standard and most common affiliate marketing arrangement. In this way, sellers only pay the decided commission after the consumer’s purchase of the product due to the affiliate’s marketing tactics. In other words, the affiliate marketer only gets his share when the actual purchase is made.

  • Pay Per Lead Aka PPL

This is also a complex but prevalent way of getting money. As an affiliate marketer, you have to convince the customers to visit the seller website and complete the desired action. This desired action can be downloading trial software or subscription of the newsletter. this system is based on the conversion of leads

  • Pay Per Click Aka PPC

According to this program, an affiliate marketer can earn money just by redirecting the traffic to a real business website. For this purpose, the affiliate marketer has to engage the customers to the extent that they motivated to visit the seller’s website. The affiliate marketers are paid due to an increase in web traffic.

How to Run A Successful Affiliate Program and Some Key Factors?

1.Get A Mentor

There is not a single ingredient recipe for the success of affiliate marketing programs. There are various things and factors that you have to keep in mind. Every affiliate marketer has to face different situations and has to work under different circumstances. You can’t compare any one’s success story with others. There are some crucial key points which you have to keep in mind.

To start a successful without making any regrettable mistake absolutely required that you find yourself a good mentor. There are free and paid mentors or training classes or courses out there you can join or buy.

Getting a mentor is one best thing you can do for your affiliate business. John Crestani is one best Affiliate marketer and a popular trainer I know. You can join his Free Training Class. Another Good one isClickbank University

A lot of people made mistake while trying to scale through on their own, avoid this huge mistake, join online community as well learn from other people.

2.Consistency Is the Key

Consistency and patience are key success. There is a large chunk of people who are providing services, so it will take time to get an audience. You can make a blog or website and with valuable content to get the audience. If you are a newbie, you can attend affiliate marketing events, webinars and join a discussion forum or online communities to meet new people. All these things make a great contribution to develop you as an affiliate marketer. If you are patient enough, then you will make money with affiliate programs. 

3.Pick the Right Product

Section of the right product or niche is loan very important in affiliate marketing. You must choose the right product or service to make your affiliate marketing success.

You have to understand the market need at the initial stage then choose the product or service to get the audience. Once you have a good amount of traffic, then you can deep dive into the daily, weekly, and yearly customer sales and traffic charts to understand the demand. It is a better idea to spend time to find out how the product you are thinking to promote meets users’ needs.

4.Understand Your Revenue Share 

Your revenue and commission are based on how much sales generated through your website blog or marketing. Sometimes high volumes of sales don’t result in high commission due to the brand owner’s commission policy. So, it is also necessary to understand how you will get your share form sales.

5.Never Exaggerate About the Affiliate Product

 Your audience is your strength, so be honest with them if you want to stay in the market for the long term as an affiliate marketer then never exaggerate about the product. Exaggerating about the product is a common mistake a usually new affiliate marketer does it unconsciously. They just want to increase their sales quickly. Remember, one thing you can’t con your visitors every time. By doing tricks, you can make sales temporarily or one time, but in the long run, no will come to you, so remember honesty and patience are two keys to success.

6.Make Your Content Engaging.

Content is king in marketing too. Educate and provide knowledge about the product to your audience, but don’t let them bore. Keep your content sticky and entertaining as well. A better content helps in better lead generation. So, pay attention to the quality of content to grab more customer attraction.

7.Don’t Rely on A Single Source of Traffic.

More traffic results in more sales and more sales mean more commission. How to bring more traffic to your page of affiliate marketing? Don’t rely on a single source of generating traffic. Running ads on your website is good, but you can get more targeted traffic by making an ad in your Ad-words account. Your affiliate marketing blog or website can get more targeted traffic from other channels too.

8.Take Action According to Need

 sometimes few things or affiliate marketing tactics work for someone else but not work for your affiliate marketing website. There is no need to lose hope, as this is part of the business. 

You can test something, and if the result is not according to desire, then measure what will work for you. Keep tracking your activities and results and then take the initiative. If your banner add is not getting enough traffic, then find out the reason, try to place this banner somewhere else, and compare the results. Don’t stick to something rigidly be flexible and act according to the situation.

9.Never Underestimate the Power of New Techniques and Tools

If you want to sustain in the digital world, then change yourself and your style of affiliate marketing with the passage of time. Affiliate marketing is the oldest but still prevailing technique of earning money online. Everyone wants to earn money by affiliate marketing, as this technique is simple and doesn’t require any professional degree. 

The digital world of affiliate marketing is changing and evolving day by day, so keep you’re self-updated with new techniques and tools. These latest’s tools and techniques are relay helpful to sustain in a completive marketing world. Never hesitate to use new techniques and digital tools.

10. Never Compromise on Credibility

Never compromise on quality and on your credibility. You are providing world-class services regarding affiliate products, but whenever customers visit sell websites and got dissatisfied due to product or service, then what will happen? Definitely, customers will not shop gain and or maybe reviewed you negatively. And one more thing, the customer will not trust you anymore or never take your advice seriously, so choose the quality product and be a part of a good affiliate marketing network.

How Can You Market an Affiliate Product?

There are numerous ways to affiliate marketing for the product owner or service provider. Here are some popular techniques that affiliate marketers use to promote a product.

  • Engaging Reviews

Product reviews have a significant place in affiliate marketing. In order to increase the target audience engagement, you need some interesting product reviews of affiliate products. You can publish an interesting blog post regarding the product, and they organically rank in the search engine’s crawling.

 You can also publish neutral reviews before asking your customer to make the purchase of an affiliate product. This is a which ingenious tactic to increases product awareness and attract new customers to your affiliate marketing products.

  • Email Marketing

 It is the oldest but still prevailing marketing technique with some changes. There are likely thousands of viewers subscribed to your blog or newsletter to get information regarding your affiliate products. Make sure that if you choose to use email marketing, you choose email vendors to work with on a performance basis, and you have additional email vendors in case of any issue.

A good vendors comes with professionally build and high cost landing pages . Landing page is actually the first point of contact to your page which eventually turn your site visitors to subscribers. You wanna make sure your Landing page is good enough . You have to be a premium member to get this and off course with high price. As a reader of Pro Life Blog, i am giving out my over 70 premium high converting Landing Page for free at this time. Download and install in your wordpress, activate and you are good to go. Here is the installation guide

  • Video Affiliate Marketing

Undoubtedly this technique is getting popular day by day and ideal for today’s modern digital world.

It is also an ideal technique for affiliate marketing in this socially-connected world. Video reviews regarding products allow the prospective customer to see the details of the product so closely and increase your authenticity. Prospect customers can check the desire features for their satisfaction. You can upload these videos on your blog, Facebook page, and on the YouTube channel too.

  • Social Media Marketing

Recently there is nothing powerful as Social media platforms to promote your product. Nowadays, every single individual, from a layman to a businessman, is using face social media platforms like Facebook twitter and integral.

In two days, contemporary world Social media platforms are idyllic for affiliate marketing efforts because they present your products to a large number of future customers. You can increase your credibility as an affiliate marketer by using these platforms.

This is why it is indispensable that affiliate marketers work on expanding their social media influence. This is the high time to use social media for affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketers are using these platforms very well to pitch their affiliate products to the world!

  • Giant Web Properties or Authority Websites

These are a large number of authority websites that get quite huge traffic. Initially, as an affiliate marketer, you can choose to work with them to have your banner displayed on these websites. This can help you get more traffic, and chances of clicking on your banner are high. These giant web properties are more receptive to affiliate market as they like to do anything which is convertible and earn money

Reviewing Websites

 Now days review websites are also getting popular among affiliate marketers. These kinds of affiliates marketers build a website that will review different advertisements in a particular niche. Nowadays, these review sites are quite hyped with affiliate marketers. The affiliate marketer will only make some money when they refer some traffic to any of those advertisers, and these customers make some purchases. Thus, making review sites is a very large and well-converting marketplace for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For 2020

These are a few important tips that can help you to survive and thrive in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

  • Recommend quality products and work with trusted or familiar brands because trust and credibility take time to build. Low-quality products can also ruin your credibility, and nobody will take you seriously.
  • Dedicate to your work and never think about quitting. Patience and consistency can do wonders in this digital world.
  • Surely you have heard about that famous businesses quote that doesn’t put all eggs in one basket, and that is perfectly true in case of affiliate market. Try to advertise products of different trusted vendors to generate multiple sales commissions. It is extremely important to work with different brand owners of your niche for the long term survival of affiliate marketing.
  • Try to understand your audience and try to promote products according to their interest to generate more leads.
  • Constantly test and track what works for you or what is not working for you. Try to optimize your conversion rates and focus on the sources of your affiliate traffic. You can use Google Analytics to get an honest review of your traffic. This is also a great way to learn what is working for you or not? This means you are getting more traffic like social media, email marketing from reviews, and organic.
  • Change yourself with trends, and never hesitate to learn a new technique or keep educating yourself. Always believe in your work, and never stop making efforts. there are endless opportunities in the field of affiliate marketing

Top Five Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Should Never Make

One of the leading business strategy. The World adapted is Affiliate Marketing, with an estimated $6.8 Billions mark reached by 2020.Affiliate marketers are busy to make their part in it but looking at the money, they often made some mistakes which would resulted in the degradation of their business. Here are 5 most common mistakes Affiliate marketers should never make.

1.Promote Plenty of Products on Single Site

Most newbies in their eagerness tempted to choose excessive number of products on a single site. Being determined you failed to figure out what exactly you wanted to do. In fury, you frittered away your time, money and the prospects for a prosperous revenue. So believe on quality not on quantity would provide your business a clear direction.

Just go for excellent products and put your all energy on them because giving pure attention to each campaign at a time will make your revenue on track.

2.Less Focus on Email List

Emails are still considered as an excellent way to gain visitors ‘s trust and built relationship. Mostly, Affiliate marketers like instant income and following these fury to make money they ignore to focus on a long term relationship through emails. Emails generally provides a boost to your sales. Once you able to grow the list you can easily put affiliate links in the mails. As aforementioned, emails are the most stable source then else other social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

So try to work on long term strategies.

3.Avoiding SEO

Avoiding SEO of content is same as you are going to make something that no one else buy. If your content doesn’t have any engaging title, optimized description and tags so you are throwing arrows in the dark.

Doing proper SEO provide your content a healthy weightage on search engine.

Proper SEO includes;

  • Most relevant keywords
  • Right amount of keywords used in the content
  • Add photos to engage your visitors
  • Create a suitable and unique title

Make sure to optimized your entire content in right manner.

4.Working on a Wrong Niche

The most common mistake you could ever make in this business, because you won’t interested to write about its topics. If you are not aware of that particular niche, you won’t be able to produce a quality content for it, And zero quality means zero income.

Choose a niche, you are well aware of it. Taking right niche helps you to figure out new ideas and solutions for it, because your content always reflects your grip and interest.

5.Choosing Wrong Products and Unsuitable Platform

Nowadays, Every Affiliate program is offering you a handsome affiliate income but being practical, not all platforms are best suited for you. Because visitors mostly like to buy from a high profile platform to ensure the quality of product. If you are on low profile platform you really missed opportunity to survive in affiliate marketing and wasting your time and money on degraded products.

It has often been observed that being on a lower profile platform increases your risk of getting scammed on products. So make sure to choose right place for right business.

The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Program To Join Right Now


Have you ever heard about Clickbank? NO!

Then hurry up to take benefit from this online affiliate marketing network.

Currently, it connects 1200 vendors with almost 100,000 affiliates providing a huge opportunity for both newbies and already working marketers. Whether you’re wanting to sell, promote or looking for digital products, Clickbank is the best suited option for you.

Clickbank deals in both;

  • Product distribution
  • Affiliate marketing

Using these services provide by Clickbank you can either create your own product and distribute it or you can simply make money by using affiliates. If we talk about reliability of this network then most affiliate marketers recommend it as a safe and trusted site for healthy revenue. Its payment methods are also instant and reliable. Its take upto 5 days (depending on where you live).

You can also avail payments by using payoneer, mastercard or any international money transfer service.

ii. Sharesale

A professional Affiliate marketing website deals in listing the companies who are willing to offer commission for referral sales. A private corporation working since 2000.

An interesting about Sharesale is that, it brings thousands of products under one roof so that you don’t need to search for products and quality affiliate programs all the time, rather its saves your much time to write quality content about products and promote them easily. Sharesale is more active portal then others because of its daily basis products update. Sharesale have simple uncomplicated interface that makes it more convenient to use. It also provides you an ease in payouts; regular and handy transfer of money.

iii. CJ Junction

Commision Junction or CJ Affiliate, is among the most popular networks online. Most trusted networks for the beginners. CJ offers commission like other affiliate programs but most distinct feature about CJ is; it has few requirements to survive on it. The most utmost condition is you need to generate results within six months otherwise CJ strictly deals with you and eventually deactivates your account with a penalty of $10.

So be determined while doing affiliate marketing with CJ. If you really want to enjoy earning with CJ, so don’t forget to do proper optimization of content, don’t compromise on quality and last but not least, give it proper time and avoid treating it as a hour-a-day job.

iv. JV Zoo

An official platform for referral earning “JV zoo”, provides you a variety of opportunity to grow than rest of other platforms.

Now the question is, what makes it different from others?

It counts among the few platforms that offers you a free-registration, No start-up fee.

Moreover, it charges no additional fee to be a JV zoo affiliate. JV listed targeted products for your site visitors. Another distinct feature of being JV zoo affiliate, you don’t need to build your own website.

Just sign-in and start promoting products. Its commission rates are more attractive. On any other network you are limited to generate a particular number of sales to get paid, but on JV zoo you just don’t need to worry.  JV zoo pays you for every single Sale. You really don’t believe on it? but it sounds surely alright.

But where there are so many benefits there are so many conditions!

Don’t afraid because these are simple conditions you can easily coup up with them.

  • In case of any complain from customer JV zoo instantly take money out of your account Because it is trusted network for visitors and for sellers.
  • It offers 50 to 70 percent commission provided that you have real sales review.
  • JV zoo only give payouts by Paypal.


One of the most prominent name in Affiliate marketing is Shopify which is a worldwide serving platform with an average revenue of US $1.58 billions (FY 2019) and having 5000 plus working employees. This online platform includes product reviewing, educators, business influencers, content creators and shopify merchants providing them space to make revenue. It is among the highest paying affiliate programs.

Like other trusted platforms it offers “free to join” service.

You can apply to shopify either on their partner account (if newbie) or signing up using affiliate tools. You can find best suited plan for yourself even the cheapest $9 “lite” plan. Its offers you to create versions of a website in different languages.

It is the best solution for your e-commerce business and your own online store. It provides over 1200 apps to help automate and customize your task.

STOP scamming yourself.

Choose quality online site, settled yourself committed with requirements and give your all attentions to make money.

Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Course to Join

1.Udemy Affiliate Marketing course

An American founded E-learning commercial platform with over 50 million students and 57000 instructors teaching in 65 different languages. It is currently an active site with over 10 million courses. It makes revenue through student purchasing courses. Being Udemy student you can get 50% commission on all their products. It teaches you how to actually get started with Affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing works, choosing niche, creating websites, earning commission, doing SEO and stuff like that.

Udemy provides you professional technical courses of various jobs.

It improves your skill and seek bring a positivity in your attitude for practical earning.

Udemy makes you feel physically in an institute providing online video content, instructor Q/A session and instructor direct message options.

Its paid courses also come up with worldwide accepted authorized certification on completion.

So click “join Now” on Udemy affiliate website, put all your details to sign-in and bring your boat on track.

2.John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Course

 John Crestani is one of the most prominent successful Affiliate marketer of United States and the owner of ”Super Affiliate System“. After getting a victorious revenue of $500k per year on this program, he introduced online courses to benefit workers on affiliate marketing known as 6 Figure Side Income Online. John’s course offers a sequentially understanding of affiliate marketing. Its courses listed steps from ground level to top, covering all the aspects to become a pro-affiliate.

People usually called John Crestani a Scam, Why?

Because they just looked at the dark side of story, they just make up their minds observing his current affluent life.

“So never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand but you don’t”.

Make sure to get enroll in John crestani online courses to get benefited from weekly webinars and buy $997 course with 80% off.

Don’t miss it!

3.Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches beginners about affiliate marketing. Being a Free member of wealthy affiliate you have an access to wealthy affiliate websites on wordpress with “Free Hosting”. Right.

Fully free hosting for a website. WA is a user and foremost newbies friendly platform. It supplies valuable webinars by a well-known Super Affiliate “Jay Neil”. Conducting courses by a super affiliate provides a real opportunity for newbies.

Another attracting Fact about WA is; it has millions of active members both millionaires and new-comers grants a relationship and right path to fit in business. Currently, WA is running almost all the countries but where it is missing, you can join WA by premium account without any challenge.

WA is carried out on a joint partnership by co-owners Kyle and Carson.

WA has 5 stars rating with courses starting from $49 to $359.WA is recommended as a honest online marketing course.

Try it, you surely won’t get disappointed.

Supper Cool Features You Will get When You Join Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Program.

  • Live Help – First 7 Days
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Days

4.Clickbank University Affiliate Marketing courses

Online training program founded by three co-owners Justin, Adams and Milana.

Clickbank University deals in both affiliate and vendor courses to help their students. Clickbank University haven’t any free course, it starts over $45 per month.so it has no free version to sign-in.

Because of critical views of most PeopleCBU Is often called a SCAM, is it?

Well! You can’t call it a scam because it gives Refunds to their unhappy students.

CBU was founded in 2014 and yet it come up with its latest 2.0 version. CBU’s  eminent co-founder adam  teaching students about “Affiliate track” (that is a 8 weeks training program) and Justin with “vendor track”(a 12 weeks training program to sell one’s own digital product).

Be vigilant while choosing training program and be calm in investing money.

5.Newbies on Fire

A recently launched online learning program by Christina Hooper with over 30.3k marketers. Newbie on Fire includes courses like marketing, pre-built sales pages, blogging and much more.

It offers you a high commission as Christina said that her program emphasizes more on showing how you actually generate leads, increase sales, drive rapid traffic and brand your business. Newbie on Fire is not really for beginners but for network marketers. It offers five levels of courses starting from $25 as a starter level course and reaches upto $1097 Diamond level course teaching from blogging and branding to pro-affiliate course like business automation .

It seems to be very pricey?

Yes, it is.

Right now it is a 2 star course but its too early to consider it a scam or lower level affiliate course because of its recent inception.


Newbie on fire or any other affiliate course just gives you a direction you have to walk alone to get success.

6.Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

An E-learning program that provides courses about affiliate marketing owned by an award winning blogger named Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course is highly affordable course ever that is best fitted for beginners. Its starts from $197. Most valuable factor that makes it more attractive from else other is; it explains exact sequence wise strategies adapted by founder of this course to make $300,000 from single blog.

Most trusted and valid program teaches you following courses, like;

  • How to start affiliate marketing
  • How to make revenue through Pinterest
  • How to win visitors trust and not to lose your site’s genuine traffic
  • How to choose trusted affiliate program
  • How to identify right product
  • How to optimize your content?
  • How you actually make sales through emails
  • How to use Facebook for promotion?

Exact Steps or Process to Kick Start Your Affiliate Marketing 

At the end of this process or steps, you should have a blog with a good content in your niche and also have a page or post on your blog about the affiliate offer you are promoting with a carefully researched keyword and hoping that your page gets ranked in google search or other search engine so that people will discover your content. (This is Organic Traffic)

So, here is the exact process

Decide on a niche, e.g health, sport, make money, pet etc. There are several ways you can get niche ideas.

Clickbank is one Good Place, another is Amazon. Check the categories and see which you think you can write about, remember choosing something you are passionate about is better.

– Do keyword research about the product or services you are promoting. Use Neilpatel.com. Currently I love this, the free tools can provide up to 200 free keywords ideas compared to other SEO search tools.

Ahref .

Ahref is another good one but you have to upgrade to really enjoy the service. But with $7 dollars, 7 days is more than enough to get all your content ideas.

Google Keyword Planner.

Google planner is also another Seo tools to check out. Its 100 percent free but what I don’t know is how reliable the result. I use this too frequently alongside Neilpatel.

Next is to get a domain

Get a domain relating to your niche. The domain chosen should capable of promoting many similar products within the same niche. For example say mypetworld.com this domain can promote, dog offer, cat etc. You can also choose to narrow down your niche e.g mydogworld.com. This means you can only promote dog offers with such domain.

Get a domain preferably Bluehost or from any other reliable hosting company but Bluehost is awesome, cheap, reliable and affordable. Install WordPress. You can hire someone or use google and YouTube, learn about it how to install WordPress in your domain.

Wooop!! Your blog is up, now time to choose an offer you want to promote. Using affiliate Network such as Clickbank, CJ, JVzoo etc. write a review about an offer you intend to promote or why you think people should use the product or service. Simple as that. For example, I just did that by placing a link on the Bluehost above. I will earn commission if someone visit Bluehost and subsequent order through that link. Hope you got the idea.

This is why question such as What is Affiliate Marketing? The simplest answer is promoting other people’s product for a commission.

So, till now, its assumed that your post is SEO ready using free plugins such as Yoast and well optimized for google search engine. If you don’t know how to Optimized you post, learn about onPage SEO and also verifying your site with Google webmaster tools will help you check for any error you might have within your site. Google only rank post with error free. Google Webmaster Tools will help you to analyze and detect any problem you need to fix.

Good, now you understood all the above, next, let talk about promotional method on next page.

Best Way to Promote Affiliate Product Online

(A) Promote Affiliate Page Using Search Engine Optimized Method (Organic Traffic)

You have to understand that getting your page rank on google does not happen quickly, it takes time, work and dedication. You don’t do shortcut. It’s no longer news that Google love social engagement. Off course you might be familiar with these but you probably don’t just get it done the right way or you are skeptical about it effectiveness. Talking about promotional method that is really working right now in 2020. Be more social and get quality back links through linkable guest post. This is the only best way to achieve organic traffic. Stay clued to the below as it will strongly boost your page rank on search engine.

1-Tiktok Marketing 

Tiktok marketing is a social marketing plat form – Make use of this free opportunity – I will put up a content soon stressing on the important of using Tiktok marketing and a free guide to get started . So stay connected . This will be updated soon. ok?

2-Pinterest Marketing.

If you are not using Pinterest in this current dispensation, you are missing out. This is also free social marketing platform. Very easy to use. Also, I will put up a content soon so you See why you need it and a guide to get you started and best way to do it and achieve great result in 2020 . Check back to this post in two weeks time.


Quora is an awesome platform – read about quora, study it ways, learn the rules.

4 Quality Back links.

Do everything in your capacity to avoid something that will destroy all your time and effort you have put toward achieving your site ranking journey. Go for quality, remember 1 quality backlink is better than 100 poor backlinks. Don’t just put up a content and start sending low spammy traffic to your blog or website, google will hunt you down and your page may never show up again on search engine. Take it slow and steady. Sonner, you will be making money while you are sleeping and with minimal or no marketing effort

B – Promote Affiliate Product Using Aggressive Method.

This method brings fast or instant result. Note, result could be profit or loss. If your plan is to promote Affiliate product aggressively with intention of getting quick result, what do I mean by this? What I mean is sending traffic using any method as it comes to your mind, White Hat or Black Hat as long as the traffic source does not go against company providing the offer terms and policy. For example Amazon or does not allow putting affiliate link directly to facebook etc.

I also refer to this method as Point and Shoot method. You only make money when you point and shoot. If you don’t shoot, you don’t make money.

In this Method, you will be using Landing Page. A landing page is just that dedicated or single page with a call to action. In a landing page, you don’t wanna include any other links on the page than the only and only call to action with clickable Button.

Install Landing page on your WordPress. Just in case you don’t know what a landing page is. A landing page is that professionally design single page where buyer landed before going to the actual product or offer page.  This is important because you won’t be sending the direct offer link to the platform you want to promote your product.

Getting a landing page is relatively expensive.Most premium landing page Builders goes for $199 but as a reader of this blog, I am giving you a free access to my Premium High Converting Landing Page Builder for free. You can learn how to install in in your WordPress by visiting How to Install my Premium Landing Page. If you have any challenge installing it, you can email me. I will be glad to help.

Now that your Landing page is up. You have two ways of sending buyers(Traffic) to your offers. I explained this as Option (A) and Option (B)

Option A – Buyer land on your landing page and click a link or button and it goes straight to offer or product page. What to consider here, if the buyer doesn’t make a purchase now, you will not make money. There are number of reasons why the buyer fail to purchase the product. Probably no money at that time, might have intention to come back but what if he fail to bookmark your page, might not find you again. These reasons not lose buyers gave birth to Option B.

Option B

In this option, in a simple term, it’s called Email Optin (building a list). You have ample opportunity to capture your visitor’s email. So, if they don’t buy now, you have their email and you can be sending them follow up emails. You can achieve this using getresponse services They are the best and the cheapest you can find and not only that, their platform is very user friendly, no complication, you can set up everything and get it up and running in a short time.

So now, you have a good landing page, it’s time to promote your hard work. Even if you have the most beautiful website in the world, without promotion you won’t make any sales because no one will discover your site. You have to blast the traffic to your site, using any type of traffic sources you want to.

Facebook ads. Google Ads. Native Ads. Bing As . Forum Commenting. Directory Submission. Solo ads. Simple Traffic and Rapidhits

All of these are good to blast traffic to your Affiliate offers or Even CPA but which one really got my vote in terms of

  1. Cost
  2. And Huge traffic and fast result

I will go for

If you are financially buoyant, go for Native ads.

If you are an expert and can effectively run and manage campaign go for Facebook, google and Bing.

Simple traffic and Rapidhit -But If you are a beginner, I will recommend Simple traffic and Rapidhit – I personal love this. But remember its better used with Warm traffic. I mean a landing page with email Optin. So if they don’t buy now, they can buy later with a follow up emails.

Cold traffic like pops up ads, push ads or link exchange network is actually a good traffic source for this type of method.

Just I in case you don’t know what cold traffic is, with cold traffic, visitor don’t have knowledge about you offer, they stumble on your site with and intention to know what your offer is all about. They are not established or loyalty buyer, no trust between you and the customer. Traffic source like Pay per View(PPV).

But through Email Optin, you can convert them to Warm traffic and established trust between both of you. He will become a royal buyer and know everything about your establishment. In a nutshell, warm traffic, buyers or visitors return to your offer or website because of subscription.

Solo Ads – Another Good Traffic method is Solo Ads. Solo Ads has been proven to the most effective way of generating sales and leads. Someone has targeted email of database and you pay for clicks. Email containing your offer or product is sent out to his list and you pay for an agreed numbers of clicks. When it comes to Solo Ads, Udimi has no contender. Cheap and affording considering the result you will get from sending out just a simple email offers to their subscribers list.

If you want an intensive Traffic training, I recommend Traffic Domination, they have a complete traffic training method that perfectly fit this method. Everything you need to send traffic to your landing page is explained. The Good thing is you learn everything in one place, you don’t have to watch several YouTube videos or search google on how to do Facebook ads, google ads, Bing etc. All of this is available with Traffic Domination.

Affiliate Marketing in A Nutshell

Undoubtedly Affiliate marketing is the most operative and profitable marketing technique that is beneficial for all parties (seller, afflicted marketer, and consumer). The product or brand is glad to get more sales, the affiliate marketers are happy on earning commission without extra effort, and the consumers are happy because they are getting their desired products without any annoyance.

 I hope the content mentioned above will provide you enough insight into what affiliate marketing is and how it is worked and how to carry out affiliate marketing?

Take a deep breath and dive into the world of affiliate marketing, but don’t forget to do proper homework and research. Keep in mind all your goals and strengths before choosing any type of affiliate marketing.

Hope you enjoyed reading my content and hopefully my post have been able to answer questions What is affiliate marketing? and how you can be successful.

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