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Finding a job in today’s market can be very frustrating. No matter how little success you may have had in the past, it is important to stay focused on the goal of finding a job that satisfies all of your needs. Every failed attempt should be used as a learning experience to help you figure out what mistakes were committed.

1.Build your network.

Stay one step ahead of any competitors by having a large network of well-informed people. Family members and friends are important people who can keep you in the loop about job positions that have yet to be advertised. Expand your network by socializing more with fellow church members, neighbours or people in the same business as you. Don’t be ashamed to mention that you are in the lookout for a particular job and reiterate that you will be pleased to know of any available job openings.

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2.Educate Yourself.

Not many things irritate an employer more than an ill-prepared applicant who has no clue about the job being offered or no general idea about the company. Know the salary the company is offering as well. Often times, all you need to know about a potential employer is on their company website.

You can indirectly show that you have prepared extensively for finding a job by asking appropriate questions after the interview or when prompted. Always let the interviewer handle the interview and never interrupt them mid-conversation.

You should follow-up your application after the interview through phone calls or e-mails. The employer conducts a large number of interviews. It can be helpful to remind the employer about your interest in the job. Be certain that you do so in moderation and do not bombard the interviewer with an overwhelming amount of e-mails either.

3.Check your online information.

Type your name in an online search engine like Google to find out if you have any unflattering pictures or information online. Employers will search employee prospects so be certain that your online information will not be self-incriminating. Set all social networking profiles to private as well.

4.Focus on the Positive.

In your resume, you should have a very brief and concise example of one or several of your accomplishments. State if you were able to reduce your previous employer’s spending costs or if you were able to lead a successful project in the workplace. Let them know what you can bring to the table through your skills and experience.

5.Make your Presence Pigger.

By going online and creating a portfolio, you can set yourself apart from other applicants. When finding a job, your portfolio should have an overview of your past work. It should also have a clear description of the job you are looking for together with up-to-date contact details.

Try video résumés for a different approach. Companies especially those in the creative field will appreciate the uniqueness of a video résumé. These alternatives to the traditional typewritten applications give the employer a sample of your personality. There is an added personal touch to being able to voice out your skills and capabilities.

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