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If you’ve ever wondered how to quickly save money, you have probably thought to yourself that order to save more, they need to be earning more money. Some think even if they did cut out one small luxury in your life, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. There are so many things you can do to increase your savings. All of them can be easy and painlessways for how to quickly save money.

1 Know your credit score

If you don’t “need” a credit card, you shouldn’t have one but for many, credit cards are more convenient for making purchases. If you’re buried in debt, the first thing to do is damage control. Focus on your credit score and learn about ways to lower it.

Call your credit card company and ask for a reduced interest rate. When you bring up lower rates from another competitor, companies become more concerned with keeping you from switching.

2 Make informed shopping choice

Research prices from different stores before hitting a sale. When a sale item may seem inexpensive, it could be the regular price in another store.

Buy in bulk only when you need the large amounts. It’s best to buy in bulk with a friend. Two or more people can split the cost of large quantities of food.

Use coupons but read the fine print. Some may limit a purchase to a particular branch. A few coupons can be combined with other promotions but always check beforehand.

3 Eat at home

Substitute eating out often with eating out just once a week. The night before work, reserve 30 minutes to make your lunch for the next day. You’ll save money and a whole lot of calories in the process.

Instead of going to a restaurant, host a small dinner party with friends and family or attend theirs.

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4 Divide your money.

When you cash your pay check, divide money into envelopes labelled with all your major expenses like “bills”, “emergency fund” and “leisure” for going to the movies or nights eating out.

Write down the amount on the envelope. When the money runs out, you need to wait for the next month’s replacement.

5 Go to your library

Don’t know how to quickly save money on miscellaneous purchases? Instead of spending on books and DVDs, rent them at a library.

6 Go to your library

Cell phone expenses can quickly add up. Shop around to see what plan best suits your needs. Eliminate the habit of buying unnecessary apps and downloads also.

7 Buy used

There are some items which can be a fraction of the price even if barely used. Used cars, tools and clothes are some things to consider buying.

8 Check for home repairs

A leaky faucet or air drafts can really add up to expensive utility bills in the long run.

9 Get healthy

How to quickly save money on insurance? When your health improves, you can have better life insurance rates.

Pay life insurance annually instead of monthly to enjoy more savings.

10 Buy generic medication.

Generic is just as effective but you can get substantially more savings from not buying branded medication.

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